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Sonic Flat Cutting Machine

Character of machine

By using ultrasonic power to create friction heat between horn and cutting mold then it can cut and trim the goods

The Sonic Flat Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting neck line of foam cup or fabric garment bra or decoration strap and also shoulder strap etc, after cutting, the edge is smooth and sealed,it is not conventional die cutting that the edge is open
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Output of ulrasonic 1000 Watts
Frequency of sonic 20 KHz
Cutting speed per piece

about 5-10 seconds, depends on material

Horn left and right movement by rodless cyclinder for smooth movement

Power sourc 220V/single phase
Compressed air required 5 Kgs/cm2
Max cutting width 100 mm
Mac cutting length 700mm
Machine size 175 x 75 x 170 cm (LXWXH)
Machine weight 450 Kgs net weight
600 Kgs (about) gross weight

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