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Shoulder Pad Machine
Shoulder pad filler machine

Shoulder Pad Machine

Shoulder pad filler machine

Character of machine

We provide high quality Ultrasonic Cut And Sealing Machine, Sonic Cutter, Pad powder print machine, Pad Steam Fusing Machine, Shoulder Pad Steam Fusing Machine and Sew Free Garment Making Machine with reasonable price.

It can load 2 row of template and each row max with 6 pieces of template, after each tearing different sizes of filler, the conveyor will pile up fillers step by step and finally form filler set, no need to pile different size of filler by hand.

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capacity Per minute about 15 - 20 sets of filler sets each filler set is with max 6 pieces of fillers in different sizes from the biggest to the smallest
working width

Max 60 inch
filler making by oil hydraulic system

filler size Max 13 x 10 inch, min size 3 x 3 inch
machine size 2960 x 1170 x 2130 mm (lxwxh)
machine weight About 2500 kgs
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