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Shoulder Pad Machine
Shoulder pad beveling machine

Shoulder Pad Machine

Shoulder pad beveling machine

Character of machine
We have rich experience in manufacturing Heat Press Machine, Laminating Machine, Medical Mask, Sew Free Garment Machine, Shoulder pad needle punch machine, Pad Filler Machine, Sonic pad sealer and Pad separating machine.

Using bandknife and wooden template to trim regular foam pad and get semi raglan pad or other shape of shoulder pad,
it also can trim the edge of fiberfil, and then put into molding machine to mold and get molded shoulder pad with edge soft.
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Driven motor 1/2 hp x 1 for bandknife
1/10 hp x 2 for knife grinding
1/2 hp for knife base movement
Cutting capacity 8 - 12 pairs per minute
Max wooden template

5 sets

Max size of template 75 x 100 mm
Max material thickness 35 mm
Material pu foam or polyester fiberfil
Machine size 2090 x 1300 x 1640 mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 650 kgs