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We have rich experience in manufacturing Sonic Cutter, Heat Press Machine, Laminating Machine, CNC 3D Sonic Cutter, Sonic Heat Emboss Machine, Sonic shoulder strap cutter, Apparel Machine and Bra Cup Molding Machine.

※Horn location higher than working table, so it is easy to turn the irregular shape of material for cutting.
※Horn located at bottom and cutting roller be installed on top.
※Cutting roller with 2 sets of speed controller, operator can adjust different speed to cut different thickness of material.
※Cutting roller with position sensor to control the cutting point.
※Machine with simple operation panel for easy operation.

Application :
It is used to trim the foam cup edge with smooth curve and can change cutting roller to get different cutting design.
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Sonic frenquency 20khz
Sonic power 1000 watts
Cutting speed 0-20 meters per minute
Working width max 12mm
Machine size 1400x780x1400mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 135kgs
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