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Tape lay on machine

Character of machine

Function of machine:
It can
1.Place adhesive film with release paper over the base fabric.
2.Place adhesive coated elastic fabrics over the base fabric and trim the fabric edge.
3.Lay on adhesive coated fabric tape over the joint fabrics for re-enforcement.
4.Tape lay on protective clothing
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Machine construction
Machine includes side trimming knife, it can lay-on adhesive tape and trim the edge at same time.

The machine is with special heater device to pre-heat the adhesive tape also with auto tape tension control and feeding unit upper and lower roller with separate speed control motor (300watts each) to match the needs of different tension of fabrics upper. pressing roller up/down motion by air cylinder
Heater 200 watts/single phase
Working speed 0-5 meters per minute
Machine size 1390x740x1570mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 220kgs

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