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Bra Cup Machine
Foam Cup Skiving Machine

Bra Cup Machine

Foam Cup Skiving Machine

Character of machine

We are professional manufacturer of Bra Cup Machine, offering Ultrasonic Cut And Sealing Machine, Sew Free Garment Machine, Foam Cup Skiving Machine, Garment Bra Post Molding Machine and Foam Cup Edge Trimming Machine with high quality.

Equipped with servo motor to control knife revolving speed and fit most of foam density to cut.

Usage of machine:
It is used to cut foam block to get round shell shape of primary foam cup and then put to molding machine to mold a foam cup with smooth cup curve
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Cutting capacity about 8 to 15 seconds/per cutting cycle

Machine with international standard knife base (off center distance 90 degree) equipped with curve knife length 210mm and able to cut foam block max 195mm x 195mm
Foam cup thickness range 8 to 30mm
Machine size 2250x850x1540mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 700kgs

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