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Bra Cup Machine
Auto Cold Press Machine

Bra Cup Machine

Auto Cold Press Machine

Character of machine

We provide high quality Laminating Machine, Medical Mask, Shoulder Pad, Bra Cup, Apparel Machine, Bra cup hot molding machine, Garment Bra Post Molding Machine and Sew Free Garment Making Machine with reasonable price.

Auto Cold Press Machine is suitable for molding pe/eva material.
The material should be pre-heating first, then cold molding
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Machine construction
It includes material unwinding device and chain conveyor for material feeding and oven for material pre-heating and colding molding section for cup forming and cup cross cutting area heater over oven 6kws/220v/single phase.
Capacity It can load 2 sets of molds, so per cycle can produce 2 pairs of cups
Molding time about 15 to 25 seconds per cycle
Max material width 330mm
Machine size 1800x800x1600mm (lxwxh)
Machine weight about 1200kgs

Refrigerator for cold molding available upon request.
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