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NEWPADS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was awarded the "Anti-epidemic National Team Appreciation Medal"


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Newpads industry co.,ltd. was awarded the "Anti-epidemic National Team Appreciation Medal"

The 2019 COVID-19 has spread globally, and the number of deaths has continued to rise. The number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 37 million. The "2020 Taiwan International Medical and Health Care Exhibition" originally scheduled to be held by the Foreign Trade Association in June was also affected by the epidemic. It was postponed to October 15-18. In order to thank the domestic public associations and enterprises for their dedication and efforts in epidemic prevention, the government issued the "Anti-epidemic National Team  Appreciation Medal" at the opening ceremony on October 15 to commend all participating units.

In the face of COVID-19 epidemic, Newpads industry co., ltd. has fully cooperated with the production of "protective clothing machinery" starting in February this year, fully engaged in the production of special anti-epidemic machines, and quickly provided equipment required for the protective clothing manufacturing plant. To protect the health of the people, we was awarded the "Anti-epidemic National Team Appreciation Medal"

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