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NPI Preventing epidemic and warfare, turning the crisis into an opportunity to speed up the production of protective clothing


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2020年5月11日17:45 - China Times reports from Taipei Please click me for full details
COVID-19 covers the world. Taiwan uses local resources and cooperates with enterprises to complete the "mask national team" and "protective clothing national team". They jointly establish Taiwan's own epidemic prevention material production line, manufacture and manufacture epidemic prevention materials, and defend the epidemic prevention line. Taiwan The industry chain is writing a miracle of alliance cooperation. The NEWPADS company (NPI) actively participates in the technical project "Research and Development of Functional Textile Sewing Technology" entrusted by the Textile Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, invests in the research and development of seamless bonding equipment, and establishes the core technology of seamless fitting of garments. One of the members of Tuohui "Sewing Technology Alliance"

In response to the demand for COVID-19 epidemic prevention materials, in addition to medical-grade masks, domestic medical protective clothing is also urgently needed. The NEWPADS company (NPI) shows its strength and concentrates its resources on the production of high-functional equipment for protective clothing, and some of the protective equipment used by the national team of protective clothing It is produced by the company. The NEWPADS company NPI is a machinery manufacturer. It is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan that produces seamless laminating equipment. It mainly produces functional clothing machinery, underwear bra machinery, shoe machinery and various mold equipment. The NEWPADS company(NPI) assists Taiwan's national team in protective clothing to successfully produce anti-epidemic materials to protect medical personnel, protect the health of medical practitioners, and launch a major anti-epidemic war.

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