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Taiwan Textile National Team-Million pieces of isolation clothing sent to the front line


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Textile national team takes shape
Business Times Feng Jianzhen 2020.02.25

Faced with new coronary pneumonia, protective clothing and isolation clothing are important equipment to protect frontline epidemic prevention personnel. At the request of the epidemic command center, the Ministry of Economy has contacted domestic raw material suppliers and manufacturers. In addition to the original contract for purchasing and importing from abroad, the domestic production capacity must be in place to rush to produce protective clothing and isolation. clothes.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs expressed its gratitude to Taiwanese enterprises for their full support. When the epidemic affected the global industrial chain, Taiwan ’s textile industry had the benefit of transferring orders because it had already shifted production capacity, and many orders were received. However, under the coordination of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, they are willing to divide the production capacity and assist in the manufacture of domestic anti-epidemic materials, so that medical personnel will have no worries on the epidemic prevention battlefield.

When Taiwan is in need, Taiwanese companies are not absent. Protective clothing and isolation clothing will be made by the following companies. Thank you for the unity of the Taiwanese, we will definitely get through the difficulties.

The Ministry of Economy pointed out that the domestic Weipu company supplies raw materials and is manufactured by Hengyi Company. The National Army will also provide manpower assistance and will successively deliver 100,000 pieces of protective clothing to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In addition to purchasing and importing foreign clothing, domestic Nanliu companies can also supply raw materials, which are then produced by ECLAT TEXTILE CO., LTD.,、 MAKALOT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.,、SINGTEX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.、TAINAN ENTERPRISES CO., LTD.、TAI CHIN CO., LTD Assisted in the production, and will successively deliver 1 million isolation garments to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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