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2018/09/19~2018/09/21 HANOITEX

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Welcome to visit 2018/09/19~2018/09/21 HANOITEX
Hanoi - Vietnam's capital new generation textile and garment manufacturing base.

More and more overseas and local companies have set up textile and garment factories in Vietnam, and Hanoi is one of the key development areas. The labor costs, production costs and land costs in Hanoi and the northern part of Vietnam are lower than those in the Hu Zhiming city and its surrounding areas. In addition, the Vietnamese government is actively encouraging overseas and local companies to set up textile and clothing factories in the northern part of Vietnam, so Hanoi has become the new generation of clothing base in Vietnam. More than 70% Vietnamese fabrics and accessories are imported from abroad, which is an unlimited business opportunity for overseas manufacturers of fabrics and accessories.


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